"During the lay-up, the transom receives six layers of hull fiberglass, two inches of 20-pound foam, four layers of liner fiberglass, and a molded engine compartment and knee-brace unit that is fiberglassed into the hull configuration, giving it the strength to handle truly fierce conditions."
- Trailer Boats Magazine


No Shortcuts. No Excuses.
Skagit Orcas are built to withstand the rigors of bad weather. For any active boater, rough conditions are inevitable. That's why people buy Skagit Orcas. Because sooner or later, Mother Nature's going to throw you a curve.

Built For Serious Fishermen
It's no surprise that the Skagit Orca series is foremost an excellent choice for anglers who've either graduated from lightweight, open console boats or who are downsizing from larger sportfishing or cruising yachts. Each model is solidly built and trailerable, with all the comforts to make fishing a pleasure again. With its combination of speed, all-weather comfort and low maintenance, there's simply no other boat available that will give you more serious fishing time than a Skagit Orca.

Super Strong Hull, Unsinkable Performance
We go the extra distance to build you a better boat. Your Skagit Orca hull, deck and structural components are hand laid and cured to perfection in the molds for 72 hours, not 8 hours like most boats. We pressure inject closed-cell polyurethane foam into all the spaces between the hull and deck, and within the cabin structure, so there's no worry of trapped water or added weight. And because no wood is used, you'll never have to deal with dry rot. The result is a perfect fit and the strongest hull and deck combination possible. No shortcuts. No excuses.

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